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Best Father’s Day Gifts for Sleepy Dads

It’s going to be a few years before your baby can say, “Thanks for everything, Dad!” (Much less buy his or her father a lovely present.) In the meantime, it’ll fall to everyone else to give Father’s Day gifts to recognize all the diapers he’s changed, the spilled food he’s cleaned up, the bedtime stories he’s read, songs he’s sung and every other Dad responsibility he’s carried out in the past year. And since these are indeed heavy-lidded days, our suggested Father’s Day gifts will give dads a place to nap, or keep them comfy during drowsy times, or, when sleep isn’t an option, keep them perked up.

Boxing-Inspired Bath Robe

What could inspire a sleepy new father to fight fatigue better than a boxing-themed robe? While wearing this comfy terry cloth number, dad will always remember to dig deep for one more round of diaper changing, bottle preparation and cleaning spilled baby food. And it’s comfortable enough to wear while asleep, just in case he nods off on the couch again.

Plush Hammock

Since he’s pretty much always going to want some more shuteye, why not have another place dad can get it? A hammock can help there. But not just any hammock — many of them are hard to string up, and if you don’t have trees, forget it. This puppy comes with its own stand and is far more plush than the average backyard hammock.

Tactical Baby Changing Mat

Changing diapers is no joke. But when you’re doing it several times a day, you might as well find the humor in it. That’s the approach with this easy-to-clean tactical baby changing mat that will make dad feel like he’s engaged in a SWAT Team mission — get in there quick, get the job done and get out!

Ultra Cozy Slippers

There are going to be many days filled with sudden trips to the grocery store, IKEA, hardware store, and back home again. And nothing will keep dad’s feet more comfortable, both in and out of the house, than these slippers from London-based Mahabis. At home, dad can slide his tootsies into the warm slipper, and when he leaves the house (for the fifth time in as many hours) he can pop on the rubber soles — sans laces, sans hassle.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Needless to say, coffee will likely be a daily companion for these soporific days. With summer around the corner, hot coffee might not be as appealing as a cold brew. This brewer from OXO (which also brews hot coffee, just in case) makes cold brewing easy: just fill the top with grinds and water, and, after 12 hours, flick a switch and drink up. One carafe of brewed coffee makes more than a dozen smooth, low-acid minimally bitter beverages.

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Chase Scheinbaum
Chase Scheinbaum

Chase Scheinbaum is a journalist and uncle four times over who's written for Businessweek, Village Voice, AJ+, Men's Journal, Fatherly and other publications.