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Author / Diana Aydin

Safe Sleep

Do’s and Don’ts for Safe Sleep We’re the kind of people who notice everything, from trends in sleep data to the slightly crooked diplomas hanging on our favorite doctor’s office wall. We studied many a nursery in perfecting Nanit. And, in doing so, we noticed something important – some sleep environments weren’t completely optimized for...CONTINUE READING
Category:0-3 Months, Safety

What People Are Saying About Nanit

Nanit is less than a year old, but just like your baby, it’s already making quite the first impression. Business Insider called us one of the best startups to launch in 2016. We were named a 2017 finalist in the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards. And numerous parents, blogs and media sites have hailed Nanit’s groundbreaking...CONTINUE READING

Sleep Associations: Negative VS. Positive Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Having a baby comes with a whole new language. Suddenly you’re throwing around words like binky and cradle cap, not to mention your voice somehow jumps several octaves when speaking to anyone under the age of 5. Sleep comes with its own language too. One phrase you might hear tossed around a lot? Sleep associations....CONTINUE READING