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Author / Chase Scheinbaum
Dream Feeding

Dream Feeding: What Is it, And Is It Right For You and Your Baby?

For most parents of infants, getting a full night’s sleep would be a dream. Though that’s the idea behind dream feeding, the name refers to the practice of feeding your baby while they’re still half-asleep. Until they’re about nine months old, most infants can’t sleep through a whole night without feeding. That’s why some parents...CONTINUE READING

5 Best Ways For New Dads to Get Involved — And Stay Involved — With Their Kids From the Start

Unfortunately, dads aren’t always seen as being as crucial to infants’ lives as their mothers are. But luckily for dads who want to be there for (almost) every bedtime, every giggle and burp, there are numerous ways to get involved in their kids’ lives from the very start — and remain a fixture forever. Because,...CONTINUE READING