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2020 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for New Moms

This year, Mother’s Day is looking different than ever before. With many businesses forced to close as we stay home to protect our health, getting out to shop for that perfect Mother’s Day gift isn’t possible. But, that doesn’t mean that the new mom in your life needs to be left out!

This means you just have to be a little more creative searching for a great Mother’s Day gift.  That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 32 Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can buy from the comfort of your own home.

Food & Drink Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 

Whether it’s a container for water, coffee, or wine, any of these ideas make a great Mother’s Day gift.

1. Motivational Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated is important, especially if you’re a new mom who is breastfeeding. Keeping hydrated can help with your milk production, so drink that water momma! That’s why this motivational water bottle is a good idea for Mother’s Day. It comes in different sizes from 43 ounces to 1-gallon capacity. The new mom in your life can enjoy reading inspirational messages as she drinks her water from water to night.

You can buy this water bottle on Amazon.

2. Coffee Mug 

We all know that being a mom requires extra jet fuel, a.k.a. coffee. We also know that babies don’t really care if moms drink their coffee when it’s warm. When they want to eat or need to get changed or just need a cuddle, that cup of piping-hot coffee is left sitting on the table. By the time mom gets to it, it’s cold. Ugh! That’s why this coffee mug makes a great Mother’s Day gift. The Corkcicle mug has a cover on it that keeps that coffee warm for up to three hours! The new mom in your life will love this gift!

Check out this very cool mug on the Corkcicle website.

3. Mom Wine Glass

Being a mom is tough business and sometimes mom just wants to unwind when the baby goes to bed. This Mom wine glass keeps that in mind. It’s stemless and has a versatile shape so it’s good for whatever type of wine is mom’s favorite. It also has mom written on it so everyone will know who’s glass this is.

You can buy this glass from Williams Sonoma online and have it shipped for your favorite momma.

Keepsake Mother’s Day Gifts

New and expectant moms love gifts that let them remember each and every moment of their babies’ lives. That’s why we love these keepsake Mother’s Day gift ideas.

4. Artifact Uprising Baby Book

New moms love to document every moment of their baby’s first year. This baby book makes it easy. The Story of You baby book lets moms keep everything organized and helps them not to forget anything. Each page has a thoughtful prompt so that you can make this book just as unique as your baby. Any new or expectant mom would love to get this gift for Mother’s Day.

You can buy this baby book through the Artifact Uprising website.

5. Framebridge Gift Card

What’s the one thing that new moms do a lot of besides changing diapers? Taking pictures! All of those pictures need to go somewhere. That’s why a gift card to Framebridge makes a great Mother’s Day gift. New moms can choose the perfect frame for their baby pictures. Even expectant moms would love this gift because they can either save it for the baby’s first photo or use it to buy a frame for their maternity shoot photos. Either way, it’s a picture-perfect gift.

Check out the options on Framebridge.com.

6. Personalized Memory Box

There are several keepsakes that new moms collect. From the baby’s hospital bracelet to their first pair of little booties, these are all things that moms don’t want to lose. This memory box makes it easier to keep all of those things together. It’s also personalized to make it extra special. As the new mom in your life collects all of these little things, she can put them in this memory box to cherish forever.

You can look at the various choices and pick your favorite on Etsy.

Clothing, Shoes, & Bags for Mother’s Day

New and expectant moms may be spending so much time picking out clothes for the new baby that they forget about themselves. Show her that you haven’t with these gift ideas.

7. Printed Organic Lounge Robe

Whether you’re shopping for an expectant mom or a new mom, she’ll love lounging in this robe. It’s made from 95% extra soft organic cotton. There’s an attached belt that can be tied above momma’s baby bump if she’s expecting. New moms will love being able to relax and be comfy while taking care of her newborn. 

You can buy this robe online at Monica and Andy.

8. Mommy & Me Set

Expectant moms and new moms alike will love this matching clothing set. It comes with a baby cap, rainbow onesie for baby, and a matching rainbow nursing pullover for mom. This makes it easy for a mom to breastfeed due to the nursing slits. This thoughtful Mother’s Day gift lets mom and baby be twins with their matching shirts.  

Nordstrom sells this set on its website.

9. Storq Delivery Robe

Here’s another comfy robe that makes a great Mother’s Day gift. Expectant moms will love it because it’s extra soft. Expectant moms can wear it up until their due date and while in the hospital. The cut of the robe makes it easy to breastfeed. It’s loose-fitting so moms will love it while they’re in the hospital post-delivery and when they get home. New and pregnant moms love being comfy so you won’t go wrong with this gift.

Storq sells this robe on its site.

10. Cozy Hoodie

We all love a good hoodie. New and expectant moms are no different. There’s just something about a hoodie that makes you feel cozy, safe, and warm. The favorite woman in your life can wear this out or when she’s lounging at home. Just so there’s no confusion, it says “mama” on the back, so dad can’t borrow it! It comes in lilac purple, blue, or grey, so you can choose mom’s favorite color.

Check out this cozy hoodie at Nordstrom.com.

11. PJ Set

What new mom doesn’t love a good set of pajamas? When you’re up at all hours of the night, you need to be comfy. This PJ set has an elastic waistband for comfort and is cool to the touch. New moms will appreciate this if they tend to always feel warm which a lot of new moms do as their hormones settle down. We like this PJ set because it’s loose-fitting so mom doesn’t have to feel like she’s sitting around in tight clothes. 

You can get this amazing PJ set at Eberjey.com.

12. Analise During & After 5-Piece Maternity/Nursing Sleep Set

If you’re shopping for an expectant mom, this gift will get a lot of mileage because it can be used during and after pregnancy. It comes with comfy PJs and a robe as well as a matching hat and gown for baby. Pregnant women will love this set because it’s soft and has an elastic waistband that sits below the belly button. New moms will love that feature as well as the shirt’s v-neck design which makes breastfeeding less of an Olympic sport. This set also comes in a variety of prints, so choose your favorite one. 

You can check out the selection online at Nordstrom.

13. Comfortable house slippers 

Just as important as a comfy pair of pajamas is a comfy pair of slippers. When a new mom is pacing back and forth with her baby in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, she’s going to want something comfy and soft on her feet. These soft moccasins from L.L. Bean should do the trick. While they’re warm, they’re made with a shearling lining which helps to avoid sweaty feet. No momma wants that! They also have durable outsoles for added traction. Mom wants to be sure she has safe shoes that won’t slip while she’s in the house as well.

L.L. Bean sells these shoes online for shipment.

14. Comfortable everyday flats 

Expectant moms often have trouble finding comfy shoes, especially ones they can wear for work or go out in. Heels usually aren’t a choice. These everyday flats solve that problem. They have a stylish look but are soft like a slipper and have support like a sneaker. That’s why we love these shoes. They’re also great for new moms who need stylish shoes but don’t want to risk wearing heels while carrying around their baby. With the high-density memory foam and arch and heel support, mom will feel like she’s stepping into a little slice of heaven.

You can check out these shoes at Birdies.com.

15. Dagne Dover Diaper Bag

The one thing that many new moms quickly learn is that hands-free is the way to be. You don’t want to have to juggle a diaper bag, stroller, and baby all at once. This diaper bag backpack from Dagne Dover solves the diaper bag problem. Moms can wear it as a backpack or clip to the stroller. The different compartments inside make it easier to keep diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and all the rest of your baby gear organized. This is great when you need to find something quickly if your baby has a blowout. Another bonus with this diaper bag is that it doesn’t look like one. It’s sleek and attractive which will appeal to many moms. Did we mention it’s also on sale for Mother’s Day? 

Check it out on the Dagne Dover website.

Tech-Minded Mother’s Day Gifts 

Some new and expectant mommas love tech-based gifts. These are some cool tech and gear ideas that she’ll love.

16. Alexa Show

New moms don’t have time to fiddle with their gadgets while trying to take care of their babies. The Alexa Show lets mom make video calls to anyone with Skype, the Alexa app, an Echo Spot, or Echo Show. She can also watch videos, movies, and her favorite TV show. Zigbee devices are also compatible so mom can see who’s at the front door without getting up.

Wait, there’s more! The Alexa Show also has the Food Network Kitchen where moms can cook along with the Food Network, set timers, and even add items to the grocery list…all hands-free!

17. Nanit Complete Monitoring System 

A solid baby monitoring system is something that all moms want to have. They want to be able to see and hear their baby sleeping or just in the nursery. The Nanit Complete Monitoring System comes with everything moms need to keep an eye on their baby’s sleeping and breathing motions. The Nanit Complete Monitoring System also comes with something called Breathing Wear. The same camera that’s watching your baby can also monitor her breathing motion by reading customized patterns on the fabric. This is a very cool feature that expectant and new moms will appreciate. Here’s an added bonus, you can use the Alexa Show we mentioned above to view your baby on the Nanit app. Plus, there’s a 15% discount on any purchases made on Nanit.com to take advantage of when shopping.

18. Elvie  

When you think of a breast pump, you probably think about lots of equipment, tubes, and bottles. But with the Elvie breast pump, there’s none of that. This is the world’s first silent, wearable breast pump. It’s discreet so moms can pump anywhere at any time. This gift is a bit of a splurge, but it’s well worth it. With the Elvie, moms don’t have to carve out portions of their day to sit and pump milk for their baby. They wear the pump and express their milk quietly while still going about their daily activities. There’s even an Elvie app that can track mom’s milk volume in real-time so they know just how much milk they’re pumping. 

You can buy this revolutionary breast pump on the Elvie website.

19. BabyBjorn Mini

Newborns like to be close to their mommies and this BabyBjorn Mini makes that easier. It looks just like the regular BabyBjorn carrier, just a smaller version. It’s made for newborns and babies from 7-24 pounds. Babywearing can help new moms bond with their baby while allowing them to be hands-free. This is great if they’re trying to do things around the house or need to run an errand. Since many babies tend to fall asleep on their moms, the BabyBjorn Mini allows mom to unfasten the entire front section of the carrier to lift out the sleeping baby. 

Great for pregnant or new moms, you can buy the BabyBjorn Mini on their website.

Fitness Themed Gifts for Mother’s Day

Getting fit is a priority for many new moms, but finding the time is another story. Here’s an idea that aims to solve both of those problems.

20. Peloton App 

Peloton is a well-known name in the fitness industry. If you know a new mom who is looking to get fit, a membership to the Peloton App would make a great gift. It gives access to thousands of live and on-demand classes whether or not someone owns a Peloton bike. Besides indoor cycling classes, there are also running, walking, boot camp, strength, and outdoor classes. The app can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices as well as Fire TV. There’s also web access.

Right now, Peloton is offering the app through a free 30-day trial and $12.99/month after the trial ends. 

Relaxation Gift for Mother’s Day

Sometimes a few moments of relaxation are just what the doctor ordered. Gifts that help make this happen are also appreciated.

21. Voluspa Candle

New and expectant moms can all use a little zen in their lives. This Voluspa Candle can help with relaxation with its scents of mokara orchard, white lily, and spring moss. It’s inspired by the art of Japanese paper making. Mom can light this after a long day and enjoy the scent as well as seeing the beautiful flame burn. After the candle is done burning, the container makes a nice accent piece, so there’s a bonus there.

This candle can be purchased on the Voluspa website.

Jewelry Inspired Gifts for Mother’s Day

If you know a new mom who loves jewelry, check out these gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

22. Dear Mama Bracelet

You can never go wrong when choosing jewelry for a Mother’s Day gift. This bracelet by Shashi is a good pick because it’s not overly flashy, so it’s great for moms who don’t want to be blinged out but still want to wear jewelry. The small black beads will go with just about any outfit and the beads that spell out mama will make her first Mother’s Day extra special. 

Check out this bracelet on the Shopbop site.

23. Mom Pendant

For the new mom who likes a little more bling, there’s this Mom Pendant from Kate Spade. The chain is 17” with the option of extending it by 3 inches, so it should fit every momma. There are two hearts in the center that are metal plated and made from cubic zirconia. The chain is light-weight which many moms will like. The hearts and chain are dainty so they’re not overpowering or gaudy. This is a special jewelry gift that new moms will cherish. You can buy it on the Kate Spade website this Mother’s Day.

24. Pillar Personalized Bar Necklace

Here’s another jewelry option that’s sleek and sophisticated. This bar necklace is engraved with the baby’s name and birthdate so mom can always have their baby close to their heart. It hangs nicely on its own or can be paired with other pieces of jewelry. It’s available in sterling silver or gold-plating. You can even choose to update with a diamond. New moms who love jewelry will appreciate this gift. 

Check it out at Oak & Luna.

Self-care Gifts for Mother’s Day

Self-care is so important for expectant and new moms. If you’re not taking care of yourself well, you can’t take care of a new baby. Here are some self-care gifts for momma to make her feel better.

25. Lactation massager

Any new mom will tell you that breastfeeding can be tedious and sometimes painful. This lactation massager can help ease those pains and make the process easier. It applies gentle pressure to improve milk flow and can help with problems like engorgement and breast tenderness. It has a unique design to use on the breast and is easy to clean. While you may not think this is a winning gift, any breastfeeding mom would beg to differ. 

Check it out on Amazon if you’re looking for a self-care themed gift.

26. Lavender Spa Set

Lavender is known to have a calming effect and is often used to help promote sleep. So, it should come as no surprise that a lavender spa set is on the list of Mother’s Day gifts for new and expectant moms. This set is all about one thing…pampering. It comes with a natural soap bar, shea buttercream, shower steamer, body oil, bath bomb, natural lip balm, face towel, eye mask, and a sponge. All of these items are packed nicely in a box that you can also be personalized. When it comes to spa care, this set is top on the list. 

On a side note, even moms who have been in the trenches for some time would enjoy this gift! Check it out on Etsy.

27. Weighted Blanket

You may have heard of people talking about weighted blankets because they’re becoming pretty popular these days. This Gravity Blanket is touted as the world’s most popular weighted blanket. It’s a duvet cover, but you can probably still use it as a regular blanket as well. Weighted blankets can make it easier to sleep and can make you feel extra cozy. This particular one comes in different weight options of 15, 20, and 25 pounds. It has premium micro-fleece which makes it extra soft. Since new moms are constantly cuddling their newborns, isn’t it their turn to get cuddled with this weighted blanket? 

This Gravity Blanket is sold on the company’s website.

Last-minute Gifts & Gift Cards

We’ve all been there before looking for last-minute gifts and gift cards. Here are a couple of ideas if you’re running out of time.

28. GrubHub or UberEats

As a new mom, getting out to a favorite restaurant isn’t always an option. Since many restaurants deliver through GrubHub or UberEats, a gift card to any of these services would be much appreciated. Mom gets to eat her favorite food and doesn’t have to cook or clean. It sounds like a win-win.

29. Spafinder or local spa gift cards

A trip to the spa is not possible right now with so many shelter in place orders around the country, but spas won’t be closed forever. When they’re allowed to re-open, any new mom would love a few hours to herself as she’s getting pampered. You can buy a Spafinder gift card that can be used at many different locations across the country or visit your local spa for a gift card. Either way, knowing you have a relaxation day coming to you is awesome! It can make all of those midnight feedings a little more bearable.

Subscription Service Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Part of being a new mom is finding ways to make your life easier while enjoying your new baby. Various subscription services can help to make this happen. Here are some subscription service ideas for that new mom in your life.

30. Disney+ 

Getting to the movies is tough as a new or expectant mom. A video subscription service like Disney+ allows moms to check out their favorite Disney movies and shows whenever they want…even at 3 a.m. when they’re trying to get the baby to sleep. The great thing about these types of subscription services is that they allow moms to watch what they want on their time. It’s not something they may splurge on for themselves, that’s why it makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

31. Winc 

Here’s a subscription service that would go well with that mom wine glass we mentioned above. Winc is a wine club membership that delivers wine right to homes nationwide. Choose from a 1,2, or 3-month subscription. You pick the amount and the new mom gets wines that are chosen according to questions she answers about her preferences. It’s a fun gift that keeps on giving, that is until the subscription is over! But, she may love it so much that she decides to extend it.

32. Blue Apron

We all know how important it is for new and expectant moms to eat a balanced diet. But, sometimes that gets hard, especially for new moms trying to juggle all of their responsibilities. Blue Apron makes it easier by delivering all of the ingredients needed to make quick, balanced meals. This serves two purposes. Not only can new moms skip the process of deciding what to make, but they also don’t have to worry about going shopping for all of the necessary ingredients. It’s a win-win that makes life easier. When you’re a new or expectant mom, that’s what it’s all about!

As you read through all of these 32 Mother’s Day gift ideas, think about the woman you’re buying for so that you choose something appropriate and something she’ll love. Whatever you do, don’t forget that Mother’s Day is creeping up quickly, so it’s time to get shopping. Good luck and have fun!

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