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2020 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for New Dads

If it seems like Father’s Day is sneaking up on you, don’t worry, we’re right there with you. Doesn’t it feel like you were just celebrating Mother’s Day as a new mom? Fast forward about 6 weeks and now it’s time for you to get shopping.

Not to pile on the pressure, but if it’s his first Father’s Day, you want a gift that’s going to stand out and make him feel special. Sometimes Father’s Day gets lost in the shuffle, but it doesn’t need to happen in your house.

If you’ve been searching around and haven’t found anything that excites you, don’t worry, we know the feeling and we’ve got you covered. This year has already proved to be one we won’t soon forget, but now it’s time to make it even memorable with some great Father’s Day gift ideas.

Clothing Ideas 

They say clothes make the man, so why not try some clothes as a Father’s Day gift? We’re not talking about random pieces of clothing. We’re talking about quality clothing items that will last. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Waterproof Sandals 

If your baby’s father spends a lot of time at the beach or the pool, you may want to take a look at a pair of Birkenstock waterproof sandals. We love these sandals because they’re not only waterproof, but they’re also good for the feet. The dual-strap design provides for even weight distribution and helps to keep proper posture. Remember, mom also told us to stand up straight. These sandals help to make that easier.

Since these sandals are shock absorbent, they’re super comfy. The deep heel cup cradles the heel and gives it the cushion it needs. If you try them on, you’ll want a pair for yourself! They’re also odor resistant. Let’s face it. Who can’t benefit from that in the summer?

You can choose from a variety of colors to find the one that suits him best. Check them out on Amazon.

2. Best Dad Ever T-Shirt

Let everyone know your kids have the best dad ever with this shirt. The message is to the point and one that he will be proud to wear. It comes in five different colors and is made from 100% cotton preshrunk jersey knit, so it will be soft and comfy. You can check out the shirt on Amazon.

3. Comfortable House Slippers

When we all get home from a long day at work, we want to be comfy. Nothing says comfy like a nice pair of slippers. L.L. Bean has some Wicked Good Slippers (yes, that’s really the name, we’re not trying to be funny!). 

The big selling point with these is the cozy shearling. If you’ve ever worn a pair of shearling slippers, you know what we’re talking about. They’re not only soft on your feet, but they also don’t make your feet sweat, so they can be worn year-round.

These slippers have a sleek Venetian style. They come in shoe sizes 7-14 and you can also choose a medium or wide width. There are two color choices, brown or chocolate brown. Check them out on the L.L. Bean site to choose a size and color to get them shipped to your door for Father’s Day.

4. Super Plush Robe

What goes better with a pair of comfy slippers than a super plush robe? This robe will make the new dad in your life feel like a king, especially after those all-nighters with the baby. This robe from Brooklinen is made out of 100% Turkish cotton. Soft doesn’t even begin to describe it!

It’s extra thick, so dad will feel like he’s at a spa in his own house. Plus, it has a piped collar, cuffed edges, a sturdy waist tie, and deep pockets (to keep those pacifiers in during the night). 

You can choose from three different colors on the Brooklinen site.

5. Comfortable Hoodie

Everyone loves a comfortable hoodie. Whether he’s lounging at home or on-the-go, this hoodie from Lululemon is a winner. The French terry fabric is soft, yet stretchy, so the new dad in your life can feel relaxed while wearing it, no matter what he’s doing. Even though the material is stretchy, it won’t get worn out because of the Lycra fabric.

Besides this just being a great, overall hoodie, it also has hidden pockets for a phone, and some loose change. It’s available in four different colors and all sizes. This hoodie is so comfy that you’re going to want to steal it!

Check it out on the Lululemon site.

6. Lounge Pants

If dad is getting up in the middle of the night to help with the feedings, he needs a comfy pair of lounge pants. This second skin sleep pant from Tommy John fits the bill. When we say these pants are silky-soft, we mean it. He’ll want to go to work in them. If he’s working from home these days, he actually can!

We also love these pants because they’re made from a non-pilling material, which means no lint balls or fuzz. Just because they’re stretchy doesn’t mean they’re going to lose their shape. They’ll bounce back because of the innovative material they’re made from. The two side pockets are great for dad to carry his phone while he’s holding the baby.

This is another gift you may want to steal…we mean borrow! Take a look at the different colors on the Tommy John site.

7. Basic T-Shirts

Just as babies need a lot of onesies for all the spit-up that goes on, so do moms and dads. That’s why stocking up on some basic t-shirts for dad is a good idea for Father’s Day. Uniqlo has a wide variety in several different colors, so you can choose your favorites and get them shipped for Father’s Day.

See what Uniqlo has to offer on their site.

8. Dad & Baby Matching Set

We know that mom likes to be twinning with her baby, so we can’t leave dad out of the fun. This taco & taquito set includes a t-shirt for dad and a matching onesie for baby. How cute! 

The t-shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, so they’re super comfy. The onesies have a three-button snap closure, making it easy and quick to change those diapers. The matching sets come in seven different colors. Dad will love that he gets to be in on the twinning scene with his new baby.

You can order these sets through Etsy.

9. Infant Sports Jersey

Any dad will tell you that it’s never too early to make a child a fan of their favorite sports team and players. That’s why this infant sports jersey will be a fan favorite. The smallest size it comes in is 12 months, but the baby can grow into it!

The jersey is made from 100% polyester, so it’s not itchy. There are also mesh side panels to allow for some breathing room.

You can choose from several popular players to make sure dad has his favorite. Dad can wear his jersey so that when the big game is on, they can both cheer on their favorite team. 

Check out the selection on the NFL Shop site.

Outdoor Gifts

If you’re shopping for a man who would rather be outside than inside, your Father’s Day gift ideas are going to look a little different. Here are some ideas for the great outdoors.

10. Portable Outdoor Speaker

This Bose portable outdoor speaker makes it easy to sync up with any device via Bluetooth with its 30-foot range. It can be brought camping, to the beach or be used poolside because it’s waterproof too. The speaker allows for up to six hours of playtime from a rechargeable battery and wireless Bluetooth pairing. Turn summertime gatherings into a dance party when you bring this speaker with you!

He’ll love this speaker because it’s easy to bring just about anywhere with a strap that can be attached to a backpack, cooler, or bike handlebars. It also comes in three different colors.

See everything this speaker has to offer on Amazon.

11. Water Bottle

The Hydro Flask Standard Water Bottle is a great gift for anyone who enjoys hiking, outdoor exercise, or likes to keep his water cold when he’s at the beach or by the pool. It keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

This bottle can also be used to keep hot drinks warm for up to six hours. So, he can use it to bring his coffee along in the morning or on a cold, winter day.

What makes this bottle so great? It’s BPA and phthalate-free and has a slip-free powder coating so it doesn’t sweat. It’s also made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and can even be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. That’s a plus because it won’t get stinky and will be thoroughly sanitized after every use.

There is a wide variety of colors to choose from on Amazon if you order one for Father’s Day.

Food & Beverage Gifts

You really can’t go wrong with a gift that’s food or beverage-based. After all, a man has to eat! Take a look at these ideas for a Father’s Day gift this year.

12. Grilling Spice Gift Set

Everyone knows you don’t get in between a man and his grill. For men who love to grill, a FreshJax grilling spice gift set could be the way to go this Father’s Day. Let him be king of the grill with five different spices.

This set comes with peppered habanero, fresh bay, grill master, smokey southwest, and citrus pepper spices. He can try them on chicken, meat, or fish. While he should be taking it easy on Father’s Day, he’ll want to fire up the grill soon to try his new spices.

You can buy this gift on Amazon for your favorite grillmaster this Father’s Day.

13. Grilling Bundle

If you’re going to give the spice set, you should make sure that your man has the right tools for grilling. Many men are serious about their grills, so they’ll appreciate a quality set of grilling tools. This set from Crate & Barrel comes with everything needed to pull off the perfect BBQ.

There’s an aluminum burger press, stainless steel grill basket, stainless steel toolset with a copper brush and its own carrying case, and a pre-seasoned cast iron pan. As you can tell, this set is not made for the amateur.

While it’s a little pricier than some other grilling sets on the market, you can’t beat the quality and the tools. Get a closer look at the Crate & Barrel website.

14. Whiskey Wedge

Here is a unique and fun gift to mark the first Father’s Day. The Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge is a new spin on an old favorite. The glass has room for the whiskey and the other half for an ice wedge. This way prevents the ice from melting in the drink and watering it down. The drink still stays cold without compromising the flavor of the whiskey.

The great thing about this gift is that it’s probably something that he doesn’t have. It’s one of the gifts that’s not only memorable but also handy. Did we mention that it’s also on the inexpensive side? No one said that great gifts need to be expensive. 

Check out this very cool gift on Corkcicle.

15. Whiskey Glass

Here’s another whiskey-inspired gift idea for the new dad in your life. We like this glass because it has the established year on it when he got his new “dad” title. It’s custom engraved with the year and the word dad spread out over the glass.

Gifts that are personalized always add a special touch to any holiday and Father’s Day should be no different, especially if it’s the first one. This gift will be one that he’ll remember forever. We’ll raise a glass to that! 

You can order it through Etsy.

16. Decanter

If the new dad in your life has a small bar area, a decanter could make the perfect Father’s Day gift. The hatch cut glass decanter from Crate & Barrel has a classy look to it. Its molded diamond pattern resembles cut crystal and has a sophisticated look to it. 

This decanter is also priced great to give as a gift. It’s also dishwasher safe, which is a plus. You can order this through the Crate & Barrel website for Father’s Day.

17. Bar Tool Set

If he’s not into whiskey, how about a bar tool set to mix some other great drinks? This set includes everything he’ll need to whip up craft cocktails. It has a large ice bucket, bottle opener, jiggler in two sizes, long spade-end spoon, classic spring coil strainer, handy ice scoop, and a modern-looking muddler. All of the pieces are made from stainless steel, so it looks sleek and sophisticated.

This is one of those gifts that you can benefit from too. Who is he going to test all of his drink recipes on? You can check this one out on the Crate & Barrel website as well.

18. Craft Beer Kit

If hard liquor and mixed drinks aren’t his things, how about beer? This Mr. Beer Complete Beer Making Set could make the perfect Father’s Day gift. It has all the ingredients and directions he needs to start his own mini-brewery.

Your man will learn how to craft his own beer right at home. The beer is ready to drink 3-4 weeks after it’s made. This could be a fun activity to do at home since he may not be getting out much with a new baby at home. 

See the complete set and order it from Amazon.

19. Coffee Mug

We all know that having a new baby in the house means you’re probably upping your caffeine intake. That’s why this coffee mug will make a great Father’s Day gift. While he may be just starting to craft his “dad jokes” he can still appreciate the inscription on the mug that says, “ask me about my dad jokes”.

He can use this mug at home or the office. It’s a fun gift that will make him remember his first Father’s Day. Every time he reaches for his cup of joe he can start thinking about a new “dad joke”.

You can order this mug on Etsy.

20. 14 oz Insulated Mug

Besides your basic coffee mug, you can never go wrong with a mug from YETI. This 14 ounce insulated mug is a keeper. It keeps drinks hot or cold. The mug has a wide opening, making it easy to get to what’s inside.

He can use it year-round to put anything he wants inside. Because it’s dishwasher safe, it’s easy to clean. The mug also comes in several different colors so there’s something for everyone.

Check it out on the YETI site.

Sentimental Gifts & Baby Gear

Who said that dads can’t be sentimental? Although some men may show it more than others, they have a soft spot when it comes to their kids, especially if they’re new dads. These sentimental gifts will certainly pull on their heartstrings.

21. Artifact Uprising Baby Board Book

Create a baby board book with family photos that any dad will cherish. This gift from Artifact Uprising has thick, durable construction so that dad can share the book with the kids. 

You can customize your book to either 20, 30, or 40 pages. Each page will have special pictures that can be kept forever. This is a gift that the whole family can enjoy.

Check it out and design your book on the Artifact Uprising site.

22. Baby Carrier

Who says baby carriers are just for new moms? Dads like to have their babies close to them too and this baby carrier makes it easier. This mesh baby carrier from ergobaby is lightweight for him and breathable for the baby.

It can be adjusted to fit newborns and toddlers. Dad will appreciate the lumbar support for extra back comfort. Baby carriers make a great gift because they let parents be hands-free while having their babies close to them.

Ergobaby sells this on its website so you can order it for Father’s Day.

Tech-Minded Father’s Day Gifts 

You can’t go wrong with technology-based gifts for guys for any holiday, so it only makes sense that we have a few on our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

23. Noise Cancelling Headphones

When dad wants to watch a video or movie on his device and the baby is sleeping, these noise cancelling headphones will come in handy. He can listen to what he wants and actually be able to hear it because he won’t have to turn it down for the baby.

The AirPods Pro by Apple are wireless so he can move around and not have to be connected to his device with a cord. They adapt to the shape of the ear, so they’re good for everyone! 

While they are on the more expensive side, they’re made to last, so he should have them for quite a while. You can buy these on the Apple site.

24. Apple TV 

Here’s another Father’s Day gift that will be the “apple” of his eye. Apple TV is a fun Father’s Day gift because he can enjoy this every day. He can watch videos and shows from apps like Hulu, HBO NOW, and Netflix. There are also live-channel and on-demand packages from DirectTV New, YouTube TV, and Sling TV.

It comes with everything he needs to hook it up; the box, the remote, power cord, and the lightning to USB cable. For this to work, just be sure you have a TV with HD capability or better, and a wired or wireless network.

You can find out more about Apple TV on their website.

25. Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

Some men are into being able to control lighting with a Bluetooth connection. This gift would allow them to do so. You can control these lightbulbs with a device or through Alexa or Google assistant. This is a Father’s Day gift for the real tech-minded new dad.

This type of gift is great for new dads because you can’t always make it to the other side of the room to control the light when you’re taking care of a baby, are we right? With these lightbulbs, the lighting can be controlled from just about anywhere.

Amazon sells these lightbulbs on its site.

26. Laptop Stand

If the new dad in your life is among those working from home more frequently, he’ll really appreciate a laptop stand. This stand is sturdy, portable, and ergonomically designed for the home office. This can come in handy when he’s trying to multi-task with the baby because the laptop will be at eye level, making it easier to read the screen.

He’ll appreciate not having to crouch over as he works from home. It’s suitable for any laptop 10” to 15.6”. It’s also reasonably priced so it will make a great gift this Father’s Day.

You can see more and order it from Amazon.

27. Smart Baby Monitor

When you’re a new parent, you always want to see what your baby is doing to make sure they’re safe, especially when they’re sleeping. The Complete Monitoring System from Nanit makes this a breeze. It lets dads (and moms) see everything that’s happening in their baby’s crib.

There’s also Breathing Wear that allows you to monitor your baby’s breathing motion by reading the customized patterns on the fabric. The Complete Monitoring System comes with the award-winning Nanit Plus camera, your mount of choice, one breathing band, one swaddle, and the multi-stand so you can take your camera with you wherever you travel.

With this camera, there’s no need to walk into the baby’s nursery several times a night because you can see it all on the camera. Read more about the Complete Monitoring System and order it on the Nanit site.

Self-Care Themed Gifts for Father’s Day

Everyone could use a little self-care, especially new dads. Here are some ideas to help him pamper himself.

28. Muscle Massager

With everything going on in the world these days, taking a trip to the spa may not be possible. That’s why having the Theragun Prime muscle massager at home makes sense. This is a great tool that really gets deep into those tired muscles.

It helps to soothe tightness and tension and will help him relax. He’ll love this gift because unlike a spa massage that’s over in an hour, he can use this tool any time he wants, as many times as he wants. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! The attachments are easy to clean and the battery lasts for two hours before it needs to be recharged.

Like a few other gifts on the list, you can use this one as well! Order this massager from Therabody and get it delivered to your home.

29. Shaving Bundle

You can also never go wrong with a shaving kit. This shaving bundle from Harry’s comes with everything he’ll need to get that perfect, up-close shave. The Winston Set comes with three German-engineered blade cartridges with flex hinges and lubricating strips. The foaming shave gel provides a rich lather to protect against any cuts. There are even travel covers to protect your blades when he’s on the move.

Just a side note, while this set is useful for shaving the face, it’s not recommended if he plans to shave his head. You can order this shaving bundle from the Harry’s site.

Subscription Services & Gift Cards

When you have a new baby, it can be hard to get out as much as you used to. That’s why subscription services can make a great gift. There are so many different ones out there to choose from. Here are some ideas if you’re stumped this Father’s Day.

30. Coffee Subscription

If you’re going to buy one of those mugs we mentioned above, how about a coffee subscription to go along with it? Dad will need any extra jolt when sleep starts to become a luxury. The coffee subscription from La Colombe lets him choose his favorite roasts and have them delivered to his door.

He can choose when he wants it delivered so that there’s always a new flavor in the rotation. There are dark roasts, medium roasts, and different flavors like chocolate, red wine, and hazelnut, just to name a few.

This is one of those gifts that keep on giving. You can see what La Colombe has to offer on its site and sign up for a new subscription to give for Father’s Day.

32. GrubHub Or UberEats

Having a night from cooking and cleaning the mess in the kitchen is always appreciated. That’s why a gift card to GrubHub or UberEats is always an option. This way he can order from his favorite restaurant any time he wants. Again, this is a gift you can benefit from too! When he’s ordered food out, you don’t have to cook either.

This type of gift will be greatly appreciated! You can get either of these gift cards through the website.

33. Blue Apron

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then you can’t go wrong with meals from Blue Apron. There are a variety of recipes to choose from that he’ll love. All of the recipes and ingredients are included. For many of the recipes, only one pan is needed to cook a tasty masterpiece.

The best thing about this gift is that he can choose the meals he wants, so you won’t hear him complain about what’s for dinner.

You can check out the various meal options on the Blue Apron site.

The best part about all of these gifts is that they can be purchased online so you don’t need to leave your home. Getting out to a store with a baby isn’t always easy, especially these days. Choosing a gift from this guide makes it so much easier!

With all of these gift ideas to choose from you can really make this Father’s Day special for the new dad in your life. He’ll appreciate the thought put in and will always remember the first Father’s Day gift he received.

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